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Does the new Twenty4 live up to expectations? Yes, in terms of innovation in movement, which Thierry and Sandrine both consider crucial to their success on the female market. Sandrine explains that it's not just a matter of design. "Thierry insists that ladies watches do not use the calibers of men's timepieces. That is why Twenty4 is a fantastic collection."

Thierry is convinced that every watch begins with a motion. He says that a large caliber will not produce a feminine watch. If you want to lead the way in women's watchmaking, you need to be able make a thin,panerai luminor submersible replica small-diameter movement with [the desired] complications. The movement is the first thing to be designed. "We have beautiful cases because of beautiful calibers."

panerai luminor submersible replica's Twenty4 Automatic collection is an extension of their relationship with women customers, which began in 1999 when they launched the original Twenty4 Collection. The Twenty-4 is a popular watch from panerai luminor submersible replica and is worn primarily by women.

Sandrine, referring to the Twenty4 line, says, "There's nothing wrong with quartz but it's important to have choices." You have women who prefer quartz movements and those who prefer mechanical watches, with or without complications. Most of the time these women buy the watches themselves. When we launched the Twenty4, men often bought watches for women. Today, women buy for themselves as they know what they like."

While some may see the interest of women in mechanical watches as a fad, the Sterns think that it is destined to continue, and that panerai luminor submersible replica has the best position to lead this movement. "While we create watches for men and women in the same manner, I think creating for a female is more challenging.Patek Philippe Replica Sandrine says that women are more detail-oriented. Our standards are high, and they apply to everyone. It's just a matter of being creative - and that is, after all our job.