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Let us take you back to Tudor Replica Watches Art Grand Exhibition in Singapore that took place late September 2019. The exhibition is in full swing. We're in the thick of the exhibition.

The 5303R is the crown jewel of all the special editions. It was the last to be announced. This was also the first minute-repeater from Tudor Replica Watches that had its hammers, gongs and tourbillon visible on the dial.

Tudor Replica Watches Art Grand Exhibition

Philip Barat was Director of Watch Development for Tudor Replica Watches,panerai replica and he shared with us that, on September 28, 2019, he had first seen the 5303. He said, "For the exhibition, we have launched a brand new model. This is the Minute Repeater Tourbillon, but here --for the first time--we can see the entire mechanism of the minutes repeater on dial side.

The ref. 3979 was issued by the maison to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The maison issued the 3979 to celebrate its 150th Anniversary. This was the same event at which Calibre-89 pocket watches were unveiled.

The ref. The ref.

Tudor Replica Watches presented the incredible Calibre-89 pocket watch in 1989 to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

"Now our customers ask us more often to show the details of our minute-repeater mechanism," said Mr Barat. "To achieve this, the gongs [and hammers] have been relocated and moved to the dial side. The axis of hammer runs through the baseplate, so it was easy to move. The challenge of moving the mechanism was then manageable.

The baseplate is a rose-gold plate with Cotes de Geneve.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica It is usually rhodium-plated. The baseplate has been enlarged to fit the hammers, and an aperture was opened to allow the tourbillon to shine through. This is the first time Tudor Replica Watches made the tourbillon visible on the front.